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Earth.Environment.Economy. The only 3 things that do, that should and that will matter to us. For we resolutely stand in todays world determined to make a change . To be the bearers of change and Eco-driven development.
We at Nysh Innoventures Pvt Ltd, sincerely believe that it is imperative that all of us come together, pool in our resources to leave behind a better and brighter future for our children and for theirs and for all the generations to come. Hence we have come forth with ground breaking innovations and revolutionizing techniques in organic farming.
NPOP standards ,Govt. of India approved organic input. Vedic farming. Scientific Integrated Pest Management Technique.



Yellow and blue sticky traps . A specially formulated glue to help protect crops. Waterproof and heatproof . Non-dry, Non-drip gum . Available with BugGlue sheets in Yellow and Blue colour


NPOP approved GlueTRAPPS are pre-glued sheets. Made with the highest quality of glue to ensure waterproof and heatproof protection. Available in 2 varients, click below to know all about it....


This product is designed specially for crop protection at night. Solar powered and rough & tough design makes it durable and highly effective. Easy to assemble and auto operation system makes it best for hassle free pest management.


What to know more about us? Listen it straight from our CEO's Desk.

CEO's Note:

Our journey here at NYSH has thus far been an extremely enriching and fulfilling one . Its had its up and down but thankfully becuase of the solid team and values embedded in our working environement all of the downs have been managaed and lessons learnt...

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